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The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Sep 3, 2018

In our podcast episode today, Diana and I discuss research logs.  You know, that dreaded spreadsheet that you should keep when you're doing research. We will discuss a few different types of research logs, including Research Ties, spreadsheets, tables, paper logs, and the research notebook. We will also talk about how we normally use our research log in our workflow. Diana is going to talk about how she never feels like she's really doing research until she has her research log open and is recording her search results. We discuss the headings used in research logs and how to fill them out.


Research Like a Pro, Part 5: Where Did You Look and What Did You Find?

Research Logs: The Key to Organizing Your Family History

Research Ties - online research log with features for research planning, recording results, and document analysis

Conferences mentioned in the podcast:

BYU Education Week

Professional Management Conference by the Association of Professional Genealogists

RootsTech 2019 - article about the new Power Hour sessions at 9am

RootsTech 2019 London  Oct 24-26

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