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The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Jun 3, 2019

Today's episode of Research Like a Pro is an interview with Susan Modzelewski, a graduate of our Research Like a Pro study group. Susan is a member of the Pima County Genealogy Society, where she met Nicole. She has been doing family history for over 20 years. She said that at the beginning, "genealogy was fun, quick and easy. I thought researching my family was going to be a breeze. Then the research became more difficult as I tackled other lines, so I began taking classes; each class had a lot to offer but the information seemed disjointed and I couldn't’ figure out how it all fit together." After doing the Research Like a Pro study group, Susan says, "I now have a proven process that allows me to research in a logical way. I can leave my research project at any time and return without the fear of retracing my steps." We hope you enjoy hearing from Susan!


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