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The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Jul 23, 2018

Today, Diana and I discuss research objectives. Focusing your research with a question is an important step when getting started in any research project.

We'll talk about the three types of research objectives (identity, relationship and actions) and the best type to start with. Diana talks about writing down your objective and including unique identifiers. This is so important when you're doing a project to identify a person.

When I started my first project in the Research Like a Pro study group, I had a large objective covering three brothers. I tell about why this was a problem and what I did to fix it. We discuss example objectives that are narrow in focus.

We go through the three steps for making objectives - analyze your pedigree and choose a question, formulate a research objective, and then write it down. Diana tells about how she always puts the client's objective at the top of the report and in front of her computer when she's researching.

We also dive more deeply into unique identifiers and what to do if you don't know the birth, marriage, or death dates and places, and then go over a few more examples of research objectives.

When you're done listening, you'll have everything you need to know to make a research objective for your research project!


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