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The Research Like a Pro Genealogy Podcast

Jul 16, 2018

Diana and I tell about our background in family history and give an overview of the Research Like a Pro process. Diana got started in genealogy research when her father gave her a suitcase full of family history papers. Diana shares her journey in accreditation and tells about how she came up with the Research Like a Pro process, which resulted in a series of blog posts, a study group, book, and eCourse.

The steps for researching like a pro each correspond to a chapter in the book: Create an objective, analyze sources, locality research, research planning, source citations, research logs, and report writing. I tell about my first time trying the RLP method with my Isenhour Brothers project. We discuss the ideal project size when trying the RLP method for the first time.

The Research Like a Pro process is for everyone - not just those who want to become professionals. I read part of Nancy Brown's foreword in Research Like a Pro about how using this method helps you feel that you can finish a specific project, even though family history work may never be fully "done."


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